Rooms and Suites at Villa LeMura


The rooms are furnished with antiques, drawings and paintings, all with historical significance, and tastefully painted in various pastel tones ie. Camera Gialla (yellow), Rosa (pink) or Blue. Original frescoes grace the ceilings of all rooms.

Whenever possible, the owners outfit the beds in antique embroidered Italian linens.

Those guests interested in more spacious and luxurious accommodations can choose from the Terrace Suite, Count’s Apartment or Contessa Suite.

View our rooms and suites clicking on the images below. 

Rooms and Suites to Rent in B&B or Self Catering

Terrace Suite

Contessa Suite

Count's Apartment

Bedrooms Gialla & Rosa

Blue Bedroom



  • As the name would imply, the Terrace Suite, composed of a spacious living area and bedroom, has access to the large terrace with stunning views of the park and wonderful Umbrian countryside.
  • The Count’s Apartment has its own sitting room, two bedrooms and a generous-sized bathroom.
  • The stylish Contessa Suite boasts five windows with views of the beautifully manicured Italian gardens.
  • The Yellow Room and the Pink Room are two double bedrooms sharing the elegant Salotto dei Poeti, a sitting room with frescoes on the walls and on the ceiling. These three rooms toghether  became a small private apartment to rent as accommodation for four persons.
  • The Blue Room is a gracious double bedroom, with twins beds.

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