Historically, the Villa was a summer residence for a Perugian Count and the property that surrounded it was used for the production of tobacco, silk, wine and grain. The current owners discovered this forgotten real estate gem in sad repair several years ago. Together, they set out to transform the plain homestead into a place of beauty and comfort, a place for people to experience Italy at its finest.

Where is Villa LeMura?

Perfectly situated between the Tuscan and Umbrian regions of Italy, near the town of Panicale, Villa LeMura is one of the most romantic and enchanting places to vacation. Lovingly restored to an elegant, traditional appearance, the Villa is surrounded by olive groves, with breathtaking views of the Trasimeno Lake.

Why Vacation at Villa LeMura?

Whether you long to watch the sunset while sipping a glass of wine, to lounge by the pool enjoying the shade of the olive trees or to take day trips to towns rich in history, yet untouched by tourism, Villa LeMura offers it all. 

The fairytale-type charm of the Villa will make you forget the stress of the 21st century. Upon arrival, you will be greeted with the scents of lavender and honeysuckle, sage and rosemary, a heady blend that will perfectly accent the beautiful Villa encased in the Umbrian countryside.